Chris is a community leader who has dedicated his life to serving the people. His honesty and integrity make him the person fit to be Precinct 6’s Justice of the Peace.
— Representative Craig Goldman
Chris Garcia is an outstanding leader who has spent the last few decades serving our communities. His strong sense of responsibility and work ethic make him perfect to serve as the Justice of the Peace for Precinct 6.
— Councilman Brian Byrd
Chris has been an active leader in Tarrant County for decades. His passion for community outreach and proven history of integrity, accountability, and dependability in leadership make him the ideal candidate for Justice of the Peace Precinct 6. I’m proud to endorse him for this important position.
— Constable David Woodruff
I’m proud to endorse Chris Garcia to be the next Justice of the Peace for Precinct 6. Chris is an honest, fair, and dependable man who has a long history of effective leadership and community service. I have no doubt he’s the right man for the job.
— Jerry Dittrich, Mayor of Benbrook
Time for a change, time to vote for Chris Garcia for Justice of the Peace Precinct 6, his first bid for elected office. A successful business owner and lifelong conservative, he’ll bring honesty, integrity and trust to this honorable court.
— Jim Pitts
Retiring to the hill country after over 35 years of law enforcement experience in Tarrant and Parker counties, I like to think I am familiar with the duties required of those presiding over the justice courts. I have know Chris Garcia for several years now and, without hesitation, I wholeheartedly endorse him in his endeavor to become the next JP in Tarrant County, Precinct 6. A fine man, with great integrity. Not just A choice, he is THE choice.
— Brad Johnson, Police Chief Willow Park (Ret.)
Did a lot of business with Chris for years in the car business. He was such a straight shooter and man of his word. I loved working with him. I’m an old country boy from east Texas and he help me meet lots of nice folks and steered me clear of some I didn’t need to know. I live in Cooper Texas, but I would sure vote for him if I lived there. I sure wish him the best.
— Larry Rasure